Welcome to the Art Studio of Yvonne Haggard!

So happy that you are here!

"I make art for

people who love the sea, animals & nature!"

Art for Ocean Lovers!





The Ocean. Endless space and freedom.


Do you just love sometimes to dive away and enjoy some peace and quiet?


To experience a colorful underwater world, to discover unique creatures and to glide weightlessly through the water?


To jump into the waves with a surfboard?


Put your feet in the sand and watch the waves? To be one with the ocean?


Treating, protecting and preserving the sea, animals and nature with respect and appreciation is important to you?


My art would love to revive the feeling of "sandy feet & salty hair" and with my paintings you always have the sea and the beach close to you.


It reminds you of your love for the ocean, unforgettable moments and takes you on your day dream!

"I would like to

spray the feeling of "sandy feet & salty hair" with my paintings

and remember you to your `happy place`

- every day!"

Our earth is a beautiful and unique planet: the sea with colorful coral reefs, extraordinary sea creatures, a fascinating underwater world, lonely beaches and tireless waves, mysterious rainforests with wild and exotic animals and plants...


All of this drives us to great adventures, to discover the world or just to relax by the sea, feel safe & at home and...


... to feel the magic of the ocean and nature

... to experience endless space and freedom

... to be one with the ocean

... feeling weightless when you dive into another world

... to feel the sand under your feet

Ocean Love painted on canvas!

"...If you love bright colors and like to dive into other worlds,

you can't get past her!..." - SURF Magazine

Known from:

That`s what my customers say:

"Herzlichen Dank für die so schnelle Lieferung, es ist alles gut angekommen. Ihre Bilder haben eine so positive Ausstrahlung, so schön und bunt kann die Welt sein, und ich erfreue mich jedesmal wieder, wenn ich den Raum betrete. Lieben Dank nochmal..."

Michael from Germany

"Hi Yvonne... Love your pictures… looking forward to my wife opening it on Christmas Day. Thanks very much, have a lovely Christmas…”

Matt aus United Kingdom

"Hallo Yvonne, freu mich so sehr über die Bilder...ich liebe das Bild!!!! Danke!!!!! Viel Erfolg beim malen und kreativ sein... ich werde Dich weiterempfehlen!!!!..."


Filip from Germany

"Yet another wonderful picture, I`ve got three of yours & they with pride on my wall. Thank you xx"

Geordie from United Kingdom

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