Welcome to the Art Studio of Yvonne Haggard!

So happy that you are here!

For all who loves the Ocean, the Animals and the Nature!

Yvonne`s heart beats for the sea. Absolutely. Inspired by nature and travel, but above all by the connection to California, because a big part of her family lives there.


Her colorful artworks in pop art style paired with `magical realism` and maritime happiness of life symbolize her deep love to the nature. Intense and bright colors characterize her Artworks. She loves to spray the feeling of "sandy feet & salty hair" with her colorful pictures and to enchant the viewer for a moment to other places.

Your Art Studio for colorful sea and nature paintings. Bring the sea and nature into your home - create an oasis of wellbeing and relax with refreshing and fancy pictures, that takes you on a dream journey of your imagination.

Original Paintings. Art Prints. Accessories.

Originals, Art Prints & Accessories by Yvonne Haggard Art with great attention to detail - adorable and at the same time cool modern motifs inspired by the beauty of nature, the fascination of the sea, the happiness of the beach lifes - for everyone who loves the sea, nature and art ; not only for surfer girls & dudes!

Personalized blankets & pillows for our little ones! A cute sea dragon, buzzing bee hummingbirds and much more decorate the blankets & pillows which are made with love. A very beautiful memory for life ...

Art to cuddle!


"Herzlichen Dank für die so schnelle Lieferung, es ist alles gut angekommen. Ihre Bilder haben eine so positive Ausstrahlung, so schön und bunt kann die Welt sein, und ich erfreue mich jedesmal wieder, wenn ich den Raum betrete. Lieben Dank nochmal..."

Michael from Germany

"Hi Yvonne... Love your pictures… looking forward to my wife opening it on Christmas Day. Thanks very much, have a lovely Christmas…”

Matt aus United Kingdom

"Wirklich, ganz ganz lieben Dank!! 😊 Einfach nur klasse, wie schnell es ging.👍👍👍 Und die Cases sind sehr sehr geil, echt! Und ich freue mich schon darauf, wenn wir gefragt werden, woher wir die Hüllen haben..."

Julia from Germany

"Yet another wonderful picture, I`ve got three of yours & they with pride on my wall. Thank you xx"

Geordie from United Kingdom