Yvonne Haggard

"In my art works I symbolize a symbiosis between

Human & Nature, Respect & Protection,

Love & Peace!"

Yvonne Haggard loves the nature and the ocean since she was a little child. Her passion for the beauty of the flora & fauna are the inspirations for her paintings. She likes to use bright intense colors to bring the viewer close to her interpretation. Yvonne wants to spray the feeling of "sandy feet & salty hair" and enchant the viewer for a moment in other places. Her works symbolize a symbiosis between Human & Nature, Respect & Protection, Love & Peace!

Germany   X   California USA

She lives and works near Frankfurt am Main in Germany, her home is there. Yvonne also has a deep connection to California because a big part of her family lives there. Here and there, as well as when traveling, she collects all her impressions such as light & shadow, contrasts & shapes, atmosphere & enjoyment of life! She particularly likes the most varied landscapes and life forms in California: the bluest sky, dry deserts, bizarre Joshua Trees, salty air in Laguna Beach, characteristic palm trees, tropical banana plants, whales and dolphins, waves and beach, happy people with surfboards ...

Biology meets Art

Yvonne knew very early on that she wanted to work in environmental protection and preferably in the field of (marine) biology. She graduated from high school, completed an apprenticeship as a BTA, as well as a pre-diploma in environmental and hygiene technology and worked for a long time in the laboratory & as an assistant to the management. The enthusiasm for the natural sciences and the diversity of nature led her to capture this in her pictures. She attended an art school and continued her education in painting, where she was very much influenced by her wonderful lecturer. In the meantime Yvonne works full-time as an artist and radiates a good mood with her colorful & bright works! The focus of her work and the selection of her materials is always the aspect of environmental protection and the responsibility of nature. Yvonne Haggard`s works symbolize a symbiosis between man & nature, respect & protection, love & peace!

Yvonne`s Motto: "The Waves always rolling!"

"The Waves always rolling!" - no matter what happens, it goes on and on ... like the endless water movements of the sea ... sometimes stormy, sometimes calm and gentle!

Known from:

Exhibitions and Press

Excerpt from a german article written by Birthe Menke of  STUDISURF.COM:


"...Yvonne Haggard bringt ihre Eindrücke von Flora und Fauna, Strand und Muscheln und der kleinen Freuden, wie den Sonnenuntergang nach einem wohlig warmen Tag am Meer, in ihrem Atelier mit Acryl- oder Ölfarben auf die Leinwand. Wenn sie mehr Zeit hat oder auf Reisen ist, sitze sie auch gerne direkt in der Natur oder am Meer und skizziere oder aquarelliere, um Inspirationen und Momente festzuhalten. Die Natur(gewalten) des Meeres mit all seinen Lebensformen, die mal ruhig und sanft, mal stürmisch und rau sind, faszinieren Yvonne und all diese natürliche Genialität ist ihre unerschöpfliche Quelle der Inspiration. Ihre leuchtenden Bilder erzählen dem Betrachter farbenfrohe Geschichten von maritimer Artenvielfalt, fantasievoller Dynamik des Wassers und, ganz besonders, dem Einssein mit dem Ozean.


„Ich liebe es kreativ zu sein und das Gefühl von „sandy feet & salty hair“ zu versprühen und dies in meinen Artworks zum Ausdruck zu bringen, um den Betrachter in einer kleinen Traumreise mitzunehmen.“..."
















Cooperation aqua-Life Dive Shop

Art Exhibition own Showroom

Group Exhibition, Art Studio Bergk-Goshan, Langgöns Germany

Exhibition in own Art Studio


Article in SURF MAGAZINE - Europes biggest Windsurf Magazine

Windsurf World Cup, Sylt

Single Exhibition, "Hüttenberger Bank"

Single Exhibition, Practice "Rückrat" Hüttenberg

Windsurf World Cup, Sylt

Group Exhibition, SURF & SKATE FESTIVAL, Köln

Group Exhibition, SURF & SKATE FESTIVAL, Hamburg

Single Exhibition, "Die Grüne Etage", Bad Nauheim

Design- and Artisan Show, Bad Nauheim

Group Exhibition, Art Studio BergK-Golshan,  Langgöns

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