Art for Ocean Lovers

"I love to spray the feeling of "sandy feet & salty hair" with my paintings,

so that you are - day after day -

accompanied by the relaxed calm of the ocean!"


Do you love the ocean? Do you would love to be every day:


- on a surfboard?

- dig your feet in the sand?

- hear the sound of the sea?

- dive into the magical underwater world?

- look into the endless expanse of the sea?

- watch the waves?

- breathe in the salty air?

With my artworks, the ocean, the beach and the beautiful underwater world

are always very close to you!

I would like to bring the ocean home for you

 so that you are always accompanied by the

magical power of the ocean!

Treating, protecting and preserving the ocean, animals and nature

with respect and appreciation is important to you?

With my art I would like to remind you of your ideals and encourage you and to live them...

"...With these unique works of art you not only bring a piece of powerful nature into your home. You also have a real eye-catcher for your living room that will amaze your friends..." - Gabi from DIVE WITH US

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