Cooperation with the Diving School aqua-Life Usingen... 2021


A paradise for dreaming & diving



Frankfurt-Los Angeles. Family visit with a trip into the Polynesian sun. Full of joy and before I left for Hawaii with my husband, I absolutely would love to stop by of this magical dive shop - with a Caribbean flair and colorful "parrots" peeping out of green palm trees & nestled between a tropical thatched roof hut and a twine colorful snorkels and flippers - and get my own wetsuit and scuba gear to set out on my Pacific adventures.


Souvenirs from all over the world that tell stories greeted me and invited me to dive into distant countries. So wonderful. What do you want more. I had noticed the cozy dive shop so often when we strolled through the city center of Usingen with a delicious ice cream on a nice warm summer day. And now here I was. Lovely Andrea advised me so well with heart and charm and you could tell her passion straight away. A tropical paradise at the gates of Frankfurt am Main. Yes, and that was our first meeting. And it shouldn't be the last.





aqua-LIFE   X   Yvonne Haggard Art



And all the more I am happy that my artworks are now a part of their magical dive shop. They now grace the shop window in a maritime setting and for those who love the sea and nature! A symbiosis. A passion. A mother earth.


aqua-LIFE   X   Yvonne Haggard Art






Our Hearts beat for the sea


The underwater world is one of nature's greatest gifts to us. Unique shapes and colors of sea creatures that coexist in perfect harmony fascinate me so much and I love to use them as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. And the dear couple Andrea and Michael from aqua-LIFE are also fascinated by this wonder called ocean and especially by everything that is below the surface of the water. Her passion is diving. They too have turned their passion into a vocation and want to inspire people and bring them closer to the wonderful seascape.





From deep intoxication to high flight



A diving specialist and with everything you need for the underwater world: a diving school where safety, fun and joy come first and a travel agency with heart and mind. Andrea and Michael have completed 3800 dives together and they can tell wonderful and adventurous stories and they know where it is most beautiful. It doesn't matter whether it's in your nearby home or in a tropical paradise - you don't have "off-the-shelf vacations". Because they have special dream trips for special people.


Protecting the World`s Oceans For the Oceans



We are only guests on this unique and beautiful planet and it is our duty to preserve and protect this ecosystem. As aquatic people, we have one thing in common: the protection of marine flora and fauna. We both support various marine protection organizations to preserve biodiversity and an intact underwater world with its inhabitants.






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