How is a lincut print made?

Linocut printing is...


...a technique in which the negative pattern is cut out into a linoleum plate with a special tool, roll it over with highly pigmented paint and then print it on paper. For this I use a very high-quality, white DIN A 4 artist paper (170 m2). Each linocut print is unique as it is hand printed by me.

But now from the beginning!


The idea is drawn with a pencil on transparent paper the size of the desired final format. Once the sketch is complete, all the lines are paint over again with a soft pencil so that it can later be transferred to the linoleum plate.

Processing with special cutting tool...


The transferred picture is removed or cut from the linoleum plate with the help of a special tool - anything that you do not want to print. This creates a negative pattern, i.e. the picture is now mirror-inverted. Once the linoleum plate has been cut or outside of the picture, it cannot be undone. So you should be very careful where you cut, how deep you cut and, above all, watch out for your fingers.

Apply paint...


Once the picture has been “cut out”, the special linocut paint is applied using a roller. There should not be too much paint, otherwise it will run into the gaps and change the picture. Also, not too less paint should be applied, otherwise the print will not look nice afterwards.

Now it will printed


Once you have painted the entire plate, place the paper on top of the linocut. With firm pressure and circular movements, the picture is printed on the paper. This always results in unique creations of color and therefore every print is different, special and unique.

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