Marine Conservation   X   Art

It hurts my soul to see how the sea is suffering and one catastrophe after another is happening. Marine animals are exploited and slaughtered, the beautiful corals are dying, ghost nets are fatal to the animals, a worldwide extinction of species, overfishing, plastic problems and, and, and.


This situation, this disrespect and disregard makes me incredibly sad and angry.


And I hope with all my heart that there are many people who want change, who see the deficit and act. Each individual can do something and give the animals, the sea and nature their voice and help. Because human beings are responsible for all this... No one else.

Excerpt from my art catalog on the subject of marine conservation:

We can only do it together.


I try to do my part. Among other things, I have selected the packaging for shipping according to the current and best environmental protection status. It is made from bubble wrap paper, recycled cardboard and cartons. The protective sleeves of the "art prints in a mat" are compostable, the stickers are environmentally friendly and the packaging tape is made of paper... It's not that easy when you want to pack in an environmentally friendly way. It took me years to find this together and to put it together in such a way that it works. Fortunately, a lot has happened in recent times and it's nice that more and more environmentally friendly materials are being offered.


I would also like to support the people who work for the oceans and their inhabitants on site. For every artwork sold, I donate 5% to a marine conservation organization...

Marine Conservation X Art


My art shows the romanticization and idealization of the world. The beauty. Peace, freedom, gratitude, love, to live in harmony with nature, to enjoy it and to draw strength from it... The ocean and nature give us so much. It give us serenity, relaxation, strength and calmness.


I would love to make people happy with bright & happy colors and motifs that

... they love...

... they inspire...

... they remember...

... and to their own ideals and values in order to live them.



And how nice it is when we can give something back to nature and thus create a balance.



On behalf of nature I want to capture its beauty and perfection, the ideal coexistence in harmony and respect. I would like to draw attention to the fact that nature, the seas, species and living beings want to be protected and how they can coexist in freedom and in biodiversity.


My art would love to remind you of your own strength, courage and power! Our connection to nature. Our Mother Earth. To the ocean. And to creatures of other species. And how important it is to take good care of them!



And it is precisely for these reasons that art and marine conservation belong together for me and I hope that I can create a balance with it and return many good energies to our earth.

"In my works I symbolize a symbiosis between


Human & Nature, Respect & Protection,


Love and Peace!"

Would you like to read my article on marine conservation?


You can find it in my digital art catalog!